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All admissions of patients shall be voluntary and a patient shall be free to discharge himself or herself at any time. This provision shall not preclude or prohibit attempts to persuade a patient to remain in the service in his or her own best interest.

Providers of medically monitored withdrawal services shall admit only persons in need of the level of care provided. No person shall be admitted unless observation and evaluation document all of the following:

  • the person is intoxicated, experiencing a situational crisis, and/or is suffering or is at risk of suffering mild withdrawal;
  • the person is unable to abstain without admission to a medically monitored withdrawal service;
  • the person is likely to complete needed withdrawal and enter into continued treatment; and
  • the person is not otherwise too ill to benefit from the care that can be provided by the medically monitored withdrawal service.

A patient may be retained in the medically monitored withdrawal service if he or she is awaiting a scheduled admission into appropriate treatment upon discharge. Such retention must be documented and may not exceed 14 days from date of admission.

Individual Counseling
  • The client will be engaged daily in individual counseling for the first 3 days to motivate continued treatment and encourage independent and personal responsibilities. Thereafter, individual counseling will be provided twice a week until placement/referral to an appropriate center.
  • Clients will be visually monitored and observations will be recorded every half hour during the first twenty-four (24) hour period. During the rest of the client's stay, vital signs shall be taken two (2) times per day.
  • Each client will be assigned a counselor as soon as possible after admission in order to foster insight about drinking behavior and to provide motivation for continued treatment. The counselor and the client will develop a service plan with realistic goals according to the needs of the client. The frequency of the sessions will be determined by the client's needs and counseling will be provided at least two (2) times per shift for 5 days and then one (1) day during the client's duration of stay in the facility.
Group Counseling
  • Group Counseling will be provided to foster inter-personal skills and peer support.