Everything you need to know for the bathroom!

Everything you need to know for the bathroom!

Here’s a basic guide to learning more about the function of the porcelain “throne“: the toilet bowl. Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου is an unblocking company that has the most qualified plumbers in Athens, Greece. They can fix anything and replace your old pipelines, bathroom and toilet bowl.


The toilet bowl and how it works

Each model of the basin for the toilet in the bathroom consists of two main parts: the cistern and the basin.

The cistern is always placed higher, above the basin. Each time we activate the cistern by pressing or pulling its switch, then the water that is concentrated in its container is released. The water cleans the basin, dragging the waste to the sewer.

The waste passes through the S-shaped siphon and is discharged into the sewerage network. The pressure of the water has such a force that it pulls all the dirt in its passage, leaving the basin clean. The S-shape of the siphon serves two purposes: First it acts as a pump and effectively cleans the contents of the basin and finally it keeps the bottom of the basin permanently filled with water. This prevents the odours from the sewer network from reaching our bathroom, i.e. the siphon also plays the role of the odour trap.

When the cistern starts to empty its water, then its mechanism opens the water supply. The container is refilled with water and is ready for the next use. The mechanism has a way of adjusting the water level that we want to have in the cistern. When the water level reaches the point where we have set it, then the water supply is turned off.


Which bathroom basin should I choose?

In the market you will find many models of basin for the toilet. In set up exhibitions of tile and sanitary ware stores, in combination with the appropriate cistern. There are floor basins (the most common), but also hanging. You can also choose a low pressure basin (set with a low pressure cistern placed on it). You can choose a high pressure basin where the cistern is located at a height above the basin and is either niagara or built-in.


The mechanical and chemical stress of the toilet

Invest as much money as you can to buy a good quality construction basin from a reputable company. The basin receives great mechanical and chemical stress throughout its life and its replacement is not an easy task. If in the renovation of your bathroom, you only change the toilet bowl, choose a design that matches the rest of the sanitary ware. Give a uniform style to your bathroom, and imagine how the space will look, in combination with the tiles on the walls of the space.


Toilet bowl: What is the appropriate place to place it in the bathroom?

“What is the right place to put the toilet bowl?” A question that concerns many who want to design their bathroom.

If you are going to do a complete remodelling of the bathroom, you may have the opportunity to change the location of your toilet. The ideal installation depends on the layout of the bathroom in relation to the plumbing and drainage. In this you have to calculate the points where there are plumbing fixtures for the bath or shower.

But what happens when the plumbing is already installed? And what should we consider when we want to remodel an old bathroom and change the old sanitary ware. More specifically the old – possibly broken and damaged – basin in the bathroom. And this without much cost?

The cost of remodelling your bathroom goes up. In case you want to change the location of the already existing plumbing and sewerage systems. The most economical solution to simplify things is to install the toilet bowl on the same wall as the sink and shower. Where there are plumbing supplies, without incurring costs.

Of course, things get simpler when a new bathroom is built. Everything can be designed from scratch. But even here you will need the technical advice of a technician who will guide you in the right choices.

Practical tips for the correct position of the pelvis

Are you designing a new bathroom from scratch? Do you make the old to be new again? What you can and should definitely do to find the right place to put the basin in the toilet is this:

Make sure that the wall you choose to install the basin in your bathroom is far enough away that you can easily move inside the new space.

Calculate the opening of the bathroom door to see how much free space there is. Even calculate how much free space will be left when the basin is installed. Enter a notepads on the bathroom floor and draw the layout of the sanitary ware. Try to move in the free space. Are they comfortable? See if it is easy to access the basin, but also the shower or the bathtub.

Smart bathroom choices

Now if your bathroom is too small and a large basin closes the space even more, then there are options to save a few inches. Because in a small space, such as the toilet of the home or business, a few centimetres, not only are not negligible and insignificant, but can make the difference in comfort and quality.

A good practical solution is to choose a basin model with a round design. An elongated basin “eats” space. Such basins are usually the hanging ones. These in combination with a built-in cistern save a lot of space in a small bathroom.

But these are technical tasks that must be done by a specialized technical team in order to technically suggest the most advantageous solution.

To access our plumbing services you can call Apofraxeis Antoniou today. We will help you design the right places to place the sanitary ware in the bathroom of your home or business. With economical and immediately guaranteed result.

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