Food in Egypt: 13 delicious dishes and drinks you shouldn’t miss

(CNN) — The cuisine of Egypt has generally been underrated.
Though rarely named amongst the fantastic foodstuff cultures of the Mediterranean or Center East, the flavors observed together the Nile are just as tasty — and typically more intriguing — than the standard cooking of Lebanon, Turkey or Greece.

Egyptian cuisine might glance equivalent to all those from other international locations in the Middle East, but frequently with exclusive twists and flavors.

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For the duration of the hundreds of years that adopted, local meals assumed the substances and cooking approaches of all those people who tramped across Egypt — Greeks and Romans, Arabs and Ottomans, French and British.

“Much of the cuisine in Egypt is comparable to those people from other international locations in the Center East,” suggests Dyna Eldaief, creator of “The Flavor of Egypt: Residence Cooking” from the Center East and the before long-to-be-publshed “Egyptian Flavors: 50 Recipes.”

What sets Egyptian cooking apart is the simple fact that these dishes are normally manufactured with different ingredients and flavors.

Egyptian foods

It truly is thought that falafel originated in Egypt.

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“A noteworthy illustration is falafel. Now eaten during the Western globe as very well, it’s usually built with chickpeas. In Egypt it can be prevalent to discover falafel built purely from dried broad beans. It has much more humidity and a richer green coloration inside of thanks to the addition of clean parsley, spring onion and leek.”

And it is continue to attainable to sample dishes served in historic times.

“One of Egypt’s national dishes is molokhiya soup,” states Eldaief. “The dish is claimed to be depicted on tomb paintings as a meal great enough only for Pharaoh. Around the hundreds of years it has turn out to be well known all through Egypt and is popular in homes as very well as regular Egyptian dining establishments.”

Egyptians have lengthy thought their foodstuff is underrated compared to other Middle Jap cuisines.

Primarily based on the acceptance of her guides, culinary demonstrations and cruise ship tastings, Eldaief thinks the tide might have turned.

“I concur that Egyptian cuisine has not been embraced as other cuisines are. But I undoubtedly do sense its time to shine will arrive close to, as it little by little will become more and additional obtainable.”

Study on to find out far more about some of Egypt’s remarkable array of style treats and dining establishments that serve these dishes when you journey there.


Egyptian foods

Beloved egg dish in Egypt?

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Alexandria is a hotbed of this yummy breakfast dish, an ensemble of poached eggs, tomato sauce, peppers and garlic most effective served in a breezy waterfront cafe or resort balcony overlooking the Mediterranean.

In which to eat: Balady Connoisseur, 33 Albert El Awal Avenue, Semouha, Alexandria.


This eco-friendly soup derives its unique shade from lastly diced mallow leaves cooked in some sort of meat or seafood broth and flavored with a range of spices together with coriander and garlic. Normally served with rice.

In which to try to eat: Fasahet Somaya, 10 Hoda Shaarawy, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo.


A beloved dishes in Nubia, fattah is frequently served all through distinctive loved ones instances as very well as both Muslim and Christian holidays but can now be observed on cafe menus throughout Upper Egypt. Rice, beef, eggs and fried bread are the primary substances of this stew-like dish.


Egyptian foods

Grilled kebda, or liver, can be served in sandwiches or on its very own as a starter or most important dish.

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Grilled liver (hen or beef) is served a number of distinct strategies in Egypt — as the major ingredient of sandwiches or on its own as a starter or key dish. The Alexandrian type (kebda eskandarani) can be flavored with numerous spices and powders, with tahini or hummus dip, balady bread, fried or grilled cheese, and pickles as doable aspect dishes.

Where to eat: Studio Misr out of doors cafes on Zamalek Island or Al Azhar Park in Cairo.


Eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini squash, cabbage, tomato or grape leaves stuffed with mince meat and rice, seasoned with sundry spices and frequently cooked in lamb, beef or hen broth with lemon juice. Dyna Eldaief suggests that stuffed cabbage (mahshi wara enab) is a single of her all-time favorite Egyptian dishes.

Ta’ameya (Falafel)

Although the falafel is located during the jap Mediterranean and Middle East, numerous gourmands declare that the ideal are uncovered in Egypt, specially the eating places, cafes and avenue stalls of Cairo. The deep fried balls — designed with broad beans in Egypt but chickpeas in other places in the region — ta’ameya (to use its Egyptian name) was most probable born in historic Egypt.


Egyptian foods

Koshary, a carb-packed consolation food items for winter.

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One particular of Egypt’s most well-liked dishes is a carb-packed blend of macaroni, rice and beans flavored with tomatoes, onions, garlic and no matter what else the chef feels like tossing in. Topped off with a tangy sauce, koshary is regarded both equally vegetarian and vegan if prepared with vegetable oil.

Where by to try to eat: Saraya Restaurant at the Aged Cataract Hotel in Aswan or a person of the 10 branches of Koshary Sayed Hanafi in Cairo.

Baba Ghanouj

This traditional dip is made from mashed grilled eggplant flavored with parsley, cumin, and lemon juice, as very well as salt and pepper.

Where by to eat: Abou el Sid dining places in Alexandria or Cairo.


Samak is the Egyptian phrase for “fish.” Supplied the simple fact the region is wedged concerning the Mediterranean and Pink seas, you uncover seafood ready all types of distinctive methods in Egypt’s quite a few coastal cities. Among the additional preferred cafe fishes is denise (sea bream).


Egyptian foods

The creamy gebna (white cheese) and sweet watermelon are one of the very best summer time food items combos.

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One of the most shocking issues about Egyptian cuisine is the assortment of cheese, a tradition that stretches back to pharaonic situations. One of the nation’s favourite summer time treats is gebna we bateekh, a cooling combination of white cheese and watermelon.

The place to take in: Quite a few Egyptian eating places provide cheese as aspect of their meze (compact dish) plates or starters.


Egypt flaunts an amazing array of desserts and sweet snacks. Nonetheless a konafa is in all probability the most beloved. The dish revolves close to thin, noodle-like pastry soaked in syrup, stuffed with creamy cheese and frequently topped with nuts.

Shai (Tea)

from tearooms and truck stops to memento outlets, felucca sailboats and company boardrooms, Egypt’s nationwide consume is uncovered just about all over the place. Served with a copious amount of sugar, there are two fundamental versions — golden koshary tea in the north (normally served with mint) and darkish saiidi tea in the south — as very well as a wide variety of organic teas.


In a country that lies on the edge of the Sahara, being amazing and hydrated has often been substantial thing to consider. And more than the millennia, Egypt has devised a huge range of fruit, flower and bean beverages to carry out that job. Between its many unique libations are tamarind, carob, doam, hibiscus and orchid juices.

Where by to consume: Metropolis Consume (two areas) in Cairo, Solaih Nubian Restaurant in Aswan, or Sofra Cafe in Luxor.

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