Gadgets for smartphones under 20$

Gadgets for smartphones under 20$

If you hve got a friend who is into technology and smartphones –θήκες κινητών– and you want to get them something, you so not need to spend an arm and a leg! You can find little gadgets for the everyday life for less than 20$! Bear with us and let us show you around the great world of smartphone gadgets! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Magnetic smartphone holder for car

Surely you know someone who travels a lot by car, whether for work or travel. For long journeys, we often tend to use a GPS application on our smartphone. Unfortunately, we’ve all had problems with the phone holder, which is supposed to hang on the windshield.

This is where the magnetic holder imagined by Aukey comes in. This small object works in a very simple way, using two magnets. The first is located on the gadget itself, the second must be glued to the back of the phone or slipped between the device and its shell. The magnets are strong enough to support user gestures on the screen. And a practical detail: the tool slides easily into the ventilation grilles above the radio. The Aukey magnetic holder costs around 6 euros.

Smartphone lenses

In photos or videos, the lenses, which are usually clipped onto the smartphone, are used to provide a little boost to improve the quality of the pictures captured.

This Amir 3-in-1 Kit features a super wide-angle lens with 0.4X magnification and 140 ° angle, macro lens with 10X magnification and fisheye lens with 180 ° angle. It is available for less than 15 euros.

The external battery

For the heads in the air who never think of recharging their phone before going out, or for those whose autonomy of their smartphones does not keep up with their consumption, the external battery is an accessory they will never be able to do without.

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi offers products with a very good quality / price ratio. The Xiaomi PowerBank 2 10,000 mAh external battery, equipped with fast charging with a micro USB port and a USB-A port is available for around 15 euros.

The wireless charger

For those who are looking for a new option to charge their smartphones, wireless chargers are a good alternative to wired chargers for compatible smartphones. The RAVPower model is compatible with all QI certified smartphones.

It is compatible with the 10W charging of Samsung models, but also with the standard 5W charging of other Qi compatible smartphones. It is available for around fifteen euros.

Support for smartphones / tablets

For those stunned who never know where they put their smartphone or tablet to charge them, there are small holders that allow them to be highlighted and charged without twisting the cable.

This holder is compatible with smartphones and tablets between 5 and 11 inches. It is possible to adjust it from several different angles. It is available for around 19 euros.

Connected bracelet

For athletes who are also fans of connected objects, connected bracelets are the ideal compromise. Very light, with a generally quite elegant design, they are very practical tools for controlling physical activity.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 offers physical activity tracking while having a display thanks to its P-OLED screen. A mobile application, compatible with iOS and Android, offers several additional activity tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, the number of steps, but also monitoring the quality of sleep. It is available for around 20 euros.
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The selfie stick

For selfie enthusiasts, a selfie stick is a practical accessory so that you can take beautiful photos from a different angle every time.

Α 2-in-1 selfie stick can also be used as a tripod. It is compatible with most smartphones between 3.5 and 6 inches. It works with a detachable Bluetooth controller that enables remote photo taking. It is offered for around 19 euros.

Microphone for karaoke

Perfect gift for karaoke fans, this Bluetooth mic is Android and iOS compatible. It operates with a range of 10 meters and an autonomy of approximately 5 hours!


There’s nothing like headphones to be able to enjoy good sound quality anywhere. Over-ear headphones are a good compromise between over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones placed directly in the ear.

The Sony Mdr-ZX310B has a lightweight headband and padded ear cups that can fold up on themselves to take up less space. It has a frequency range of 10-24,000 Hz and 30mm drivers that are supposed to deliver powerful and balanced sound. It is offered for 17 euros.

Bluetooth headphones

For music lovers, an extra pair of headphones is always a good thing. Bluetooth headphones have the advantage of being able to slip very easily into the pocket and avoid the traditional tangled wires that get caught very easily everywhere in transport during rush hour.

All of these gadgets can be found in! You will find a great variety of other things such as phone cases, tempered glass and more, to gift to your loved ones without paying a fortune. Make your smartphone customized to your own style!

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