How this ‘mileage maniac’ earned 40 million frequent flier miles

(CNN) — Irrespective of whether it is really signing up for a credit rating card they you should not require, buying a random merchandise, or filling out infinite surveys, most tourists have tried some sort of hack to earn them selves more air miles.

Some devoted flIers even choose precise excursions, regarded as mileage operates, for the sole objective of getting miles and/or bumping up their recurrent flier position.

Having said that, it really is safe and sound to believe that couple have long gone to the identical lengths as air miles expert Steve Belkin, who took the idea of applying benefits plans versus by themselves and ran with it way in advance of most fliers, or airways for that issue, recognized just how fruitful it could be.

Belkin managed to receive himself a staggering 40 million frequent flier miles above a few many years by coming up with elaborate strategies these kinds of as selecting dozens of actors to fly underneath his identify, attending hair transport consultations and getting hundreds of magazine subscriptions.

The travel entrepreneur recounts his several mileage earning adventures in his new e book, “Mileage Maniac,” which was introduced previously this year.

He to start with formulated an interest in accumulating air miles back in the 1980s, when they were a fairly new principle.

“I just type of stumbled upon the notion of airline miles,” he tells CNN Vacation. “And because I have a minor little bit more of a devious head, I was able to hook up the dots and comprehend that it really had the possibility to be a scalable company.”

Mile-earning adventures

Steve Belkin has written a e book about the various techniques he undertook to gain 40 million miles in 30 yrs.

Courtesy Steve Belkin

When he became knowledgeable that the many unique departments associated in airline courses weren’t automatically examining in with each and every other, and he could “stack” deals collectively, Belkin threw himself into the obstacle of gaining extra and additional miles.

He expended several hours and several hours studying countless courses and presents, trying to arrive up with inventive and charge-helpful techniques to incorporate to his ever-increasing collection of miles.

Belkin’s first massive plan took location in 1988, when he employed 25 “mileage clones” to fly under his name in get to get advantage of a United Airlines method that gave fliers who traveled concerning the East and the West Coastline about Thanksgiving triple miles.

“I employed about 25 unemployed and underemployed actors to fly back and forth,” he describes. “In the late 80S no one was examining IDs, so I could have 25 folks fly as ‘Steve Belkin’ and be my mileage clones. Then I would earn all their miles.

“In the training course of just one weekend, I attained the equal of a million miles, which was regarded a absurd amount of money of miles at the time.”

According to Belkin, the actors agreed to go alongside with the scheme following he presented to subsidize their air fares.

“At the time most of these individuals didn’t really have the revenue to fly again and forth,” he points out.”It was a truly superior deal for them, so everyone benefited. And they [the actors] did not really realize or care that I needed their miles. To them it was monopoly income.”

As repeated flier applications and details techniques grew to become extra preferred, both of those travelers and airways received extra savvy about possible hacks, and Belkin had to be even far more ingenious.

One of his most outlandish plots concerned employing Thai rice farmers and masseuses to fly a 30-minute $8 route throughout Northern Thailand in buy to receive super elite status on Air Canada’s Aeroplan progam, in a scheme acknowledged as the “baht run.”

“The baht run was essentially created by any individual else, I merely turbocharged it,” he admits. “It [the Aeroplan program] was the only system in the globe at the time the place, with that best tier status you could get no potential regulate and no blackout award vacation.

“That meant that if you needed 6 company class tickets over Christmas to go to Australia, they experienced to redeem them for you. So it was an incredible perk. But flying 200 segments was complicated.”

Beating the system

Belkin, seen in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, has spent years traveling around the world racking up miles.

Belkin, seen in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, has expended years touring close to the environment racking up miles.

Courtesy Steve Belkin

He made the decision to assemble a crew to fly 200 segments amongst the two towns for 5 days a week around a 6 7 days period of time, a process he admits was extremely hard to regulate, and subsequently led to him becoming mistaken for a drug trafficker.

“I was sitting down in Cleveland observing the miles roll in, and I obtained a cryptic connect with from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Thailand,” he claims.

When he flew back to to meet with them, Belkin was educated by the DEA that the route his hired team ended up touring throughout each day just so happened to be affiliated with opium smuggling.

Noticing the gravity of the circumstance, he pulled out his spreadsheet of mileage calculations and commenced detailing the ins and out of his scheme to the bewildered agent interrogating him.

“He was a very little bit aggravated, but he was also relieved,” says Belkin. “Toward the stop of the meeting, he said, ‘Steve, you purchased all these tickets with your credit history card, you have folks on the exact planes, you use the identical vacation businesses, you show up at the airport. I was wondering both you’re the most brilliant drug smuggler I have at any time satisfied, or the stupidest.’

“The good news is, I was neither. I was smuggling miles, I wasn’t smuggling drugs. So that meeting finished on a joyful note.”

Right after expending so many yrs devising approaches to make position strategies and airline courses work to his advantage, Belkin admits to finding annoyed with people who are nonchalant about their miles.

“I had an uncle who experienced a whole lot of miles, but he just did not know how to use them,” he states. “He was going to expend, like 300,000 miles for every human being flying to Australia, and I realized that you could get there for 100,000 miles per person.”

Belkin states he begged his uncle to allow him fork out for the ticket and redeem the miles himself, but he refused to acquire him up on it.

“He was like, ‘well I assume it really is a great offer.’ We are barely on speaking phrases now,” he jokes.

Though Belkin’s pastime has allowed him to journey the planet in design with his relatives for a long time, he insists that this was hardly ever his purpose.

In fact, it was just the “notion of beating the airways at their individual recreation,” that spurred him on.

“I was striving to figure out how to generate more and additional miles and do far more and extra intricate and convoluted items,” he states. “I was hardly ever wondering ‘what am I likely to do with all these miles, or wherever am I likely to go?’

“Redeeming the miles was just about an afterthought. I have been genuinely fortunate to have all these miles, and I can fairly a great deal go wherever I want, when I want.

“But that is not truly the place I got my fulfillment. The satisfaction was that I figured out a way to get a crucial into their castle.”

Underground local community

Belkin says he enjoyed beating the airlines at their own game and earning miles was an afterthought.

Belkin states he savored beating the airlines at their own sport and earning miles was an afterthought.

Courtesy Steve Belkin

Even so, tourists looking at hurrying off to attempt out 1 of his air miles ventures really should assume all over again.

According to Belkin, it is simply no for a longer period probable to get absent with most, if not all of the strategies showcased in “Mileage Maniac” currently.

“That is a single of the motives I wrote this e book,” he clarifies. “Most of these things are not replicable in 2021. If you failed to do them again in the day, it truly is much more of a fable than it is reality now.”

In truth significantly has adjusted due to the fact Belkin commenced collecting air miles, the most substantial difference remaining that the the vast majority of systems now present miles primarily based on the sum a customer spends rather than how a lot of flights they choose.

“That was really the pivot issue of the plans,” provides Belkin. “They utilized to be known as recurrent flier plans at the quite, incredibly commencing, where by they rewarded you on how considerably you flew.

“Then in the mid 2000s, airways started off realizing that they necessary to be worthwhile folks who pay a large amount. Then they started calling them loyalty packages. So nowadays, loyalty essentially implies the further your pockets, the far more rewards you get.”
Belkin also details out that, even if tourists are ready to arrive up with new hacks, it is pretty difficult to continue to keep them below wraps these days thanks to social media, not to mention the many weblogs focused to journey hacking.

“There made use of to be a tiny group of regular flier geeks,” he claims. “And when you arrived up with a fantastic notion, you could share it with a number of folks and help them realize it to the issue the place it turned even superior and more helpful.

“It was pretty gratifying and there was a perception of camaraderie and local community.”

But the moment that local community expanded, Belkin begun to come to feel as while “people were just waiting around for people like me and a couple of these other masterminds to come up with things and share it with them so they could do it.”

Soon after realizing that term was finding out and airways were being “shutting down” some of the hacks, he and the many others “ended up going underground,” only sharing their strategies with a compact circle.

“Most of the strategies you’ll go through about [in the book] are really underground,” he claims. “Even people today who assert to know how to perform the match are like, ‘Wow, I did not know about that.'”

While there’s nevertheless a neighborhood of devoted recurrent fliers out there, Belkin feels that the rewards acquired from “beating the procedure” sum to significantly considerably less these times.

Jetset lifestyle

Steve Belkin with wife Julie.

Steve Belkin with wife Julie.

Courtesy Steve Belkin

“There is certainly always strategies to enjoy the match,” he suggests. “But for most persons, the sum of time and exertion that it would just take in all probability would not justify the upside, unless it truly is a little something that you are seriously, seriously, definitely dedicated to doing.

“I would say, if you want to perform a game, engage in tennis. You should not perform the mileage sport.”

Nonetheless, he appears to be like back on all those glory times of miles earning adventures with severe fondness.

“It is been pleasurable remaining up late nights, crunching quantities, recruiting labor pools and figuring out how to just take out a household fairness loan without having my spouse knowing,” states Belkin, who counts Randy Petersen, founder of regular monthly magazine “InsideFlyer” as one particular of his most important influences.

When he’s acquired a great deal praise for his miles attaining competencies, Belkin has also obtained criticism, which is one thing that genuinely baffles him.

“If you were being to replace funds for miles, and any individual was to say ‘I’ve been enjoying the inventory current market and I’ve tripled my dollars,’ nobody would criticize them,” he states.

“No one criticizes persons for accumulating income or accumulating real estate. But all of a unexpected, when it will come to miles, it looks like there is a minimal little bit of a diverse regular at play.”

When asked what airways executives will make of his schemes, Belkin claims he likes to imagine that they appreciated the publicity his antics introduced.

“I would say that they they didn’t like the truth that I was carrying out all this insane things,” he provides. “But it genuinely did maintain them in the headlines for a though.”

Even though his spouse Julie was perplexed by his fixation with air miles again in these early days, she at some point came round, and the few go on to appreciate a jetset life-style.

“My wife failed to really comprehend it at to start with and I did not do a good occupation explaining it to her,” admits Belkin, who continue to has involving six to 9 million miles left to participate in with.

“But now we are sitting on a number of million miles, and if we want to go somewhere, we can go there in fashion. So I believe she’s at peace following obtaining been blighted for all these many years.”

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